Kupkake  Kouture Charlotte was established in 2012. Initiated out of the love of baking for children within the local school system. The owner, Shannon Reaves, decided that the love of baking needed to be extended out to the world. So, she did just that!!! Started as a  "let s just do it for major holidays" to now being a name known around the Charlotte, NC community. Striving for community support and overall community HAPPINESS !!!  Kupkake Kouture  Charlotte is known for    many of  the  "Couture" designs and creativity.  Has been  awarded "People's Choice" award for their Banana Pudding Kupkake.    Has been a featured vendor in many events (including Taste of Charlotte)  throughout the community. Featured on Etsy Yelp, Wedding Wire and commonly found at Girls Day Out Expo.

The owner

Shannon Reaves aka "Lady Kouture"

Shannon is  the Owner of Kupkake Kouture Charlotte and has defeated the odds within the cupcake business. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2018 (which is in remission), she has continued  to beat the odds and continue pushing through things that would have defeated many others in small business. Her family and Kupkake Kouture Charlotte continue to define her "Why" in life. With  open arms and a heart of gold... She welcomes all KUPKAKES (commonly referred    to as   clients) into  the world of Kupkake Kouture Charlotte.

NC Food Handler &ServSafe Certified

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